Behind the Book: This is Sparta!

Hello Bloglandia! If you've read any of the books from my historical fantasy series The Osteria Chronicles*, you'll be well familiar with the Areans, those pesky folks from the Aryana polis (city-state). *Quick note...I'm offering a huge discount on the Osteria Chronicles box set...see the end of the post for this amazing deal. As with … Continue reading Behind the Book: This is Sparta!

A Stroll Through the Streets of Strasbourg

Hello Bloglandia! Welcome to Part Trois of of my I-don’t-know-how-many part series about my recent trip to France!! Now that I've had you all gape at Strasbourg's grandest attraction, I thought I'd take you on a little stroll through the streets of the city, show off a few other attractions, and sneak in a little history … Continue reading A Stroll Through the Streets of Strasbourg

Blogging Excuses & Book Bargains

Hello Bloglandia!! Just a quick message to let you know about a terrific deal on my latest release and to offer up some excuses for my recent lack of bloginess (yes, that's a word now). First Up: The Excuses Loyal readers may have noticed lack of pizazz on the blog recently...and a lack of Finn … Continue reading Blogging Excuses & Book Bargains