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Saturday Selections: New York (novel)

This week's Saturday Selection may sound like I've mistaken it for Travel Pic Thursday, but it's actually New York, the historical novel by Edward Rutherfurd. About the Book New York begins in the 1600s with the Dutch merchants who set up shop in what would later become New York City. The novel follows the lives … Continue reading Saturday Selections: New York (novel)

My Idea Cup Overfloweth!

I find it amazing how many writers' websites, magazines and books offer hints and tricks to come up with ideas to write about. I simply can't imagine not having ideas for books. In fact, that's my problem - I have too many ideas and not enough time to get them all on paper. As you … Continue reading My Idea Cup Overfloweth!

So, What ARE You Working On?

Despite popular belief, I don't just sit around all day playing with the cats and cooking my husband dinner (I limit that to only 10 hours of the day). I put out a bit of a teaser last week saying I was cutting down on magazine work to focus on writing books, but (in hopes … Continue reading So, What ARE You Working On?