A Beastie Taste of the Tropics

I had planned to continue on with the next installment of Finn McSpool's Beastie Tales of Ireland, but a couple weeks ago, as I was sifting through my Traffic Donkey photos, I noticed Tammie Beastie was missing. She's easy to overlook since she's kind of quiet and generally keeps to herself, but since we have … Continue reading A Beastie Taste of the Tropics

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A Monster Mash-Up in Maui

After hearing of Mr Husband's and my misadventures at sea, Finn McSpool announced that all further Maui activities would be land-based (even though he doesn't put a dime into the travel budget, Finn feels it's entirely within his rights to dictate the itinerary). So, in this final installment of our Maui Adventure, we'll stay out … Continue reading A Monster Mash-Up in Maui

Stranded at Sea: A Harrowing Journey to Molokini

Herman Melville. Ernest Hemingway. Daniel Defoe. Tammie Painter. What do we all have in common? Until recently, only a desire to put pen to paper. But now I can join the ranks of these esteemed authors with my own tale of man versus nature, the dangers of the ocean, and being stranded at sea. The … Continue reading Stranded at Sea: A Harrowing Journey to Molokini

Finn McSpool, Hawaii, Lahaina, Maui

A Monstrous Look at Lahaina

It's time for another look into the adventurous life of Finn McSpool. Even though he had fun playing the underwater Hawaiian explorer, sometimes a Beastie needs to spend some time on dry land. And that land in question this week is the little town of Lahaina in West Maui. Although now Lahaina is mostly just … Continue reading A Monstrous Look at Lahaina

Finn McSpool’s Trip to the ABC Store

Other possible titles for this blog post: Why You Shouldn't Take a Monster Shopping, Monster Maui Mayhem at the Mercantile, or Souvenir Shopping Takes a Beastie Turn. Either way, you know you're in for some fun when you hit the aisles with Finn Mc Spool and a camera in tow. And in case you're wondering … Continue reading Finn McSpool’s Trip to the ABC Store