Gloating Over Publishers’ Mistakes

I'm not normally someone who gloats over other people's mistakes. After all, we're only human (except for Taylor Swift who I'm certain is some type of alien life form). Still, when I see errors in books from the big name traditional publishers, my inner Gloat Monster gets quite a kick. In fact, I take on … Continue reading Gloating Over Publishers’ Mistakes

Grammar: Your Biggest Writing Mistake

One of my favorite scenes (of which there are many) from the television show Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman has Sherlock interrogating a prisoner in a very chilly room in Belarus. Already looking bored and annoyed, Sherlock's frustrations mount as the man he's questioning keeps making grammatical errors. Sherlock lets the first one … Continue reading Grammar: Your Biggest Writing Mistake

I’m a Reviser, Not a Writer

What have I been up to this week? Revising, revising, and a tad bit more revising. And all that has made me realize that I'm not a writer, I'm a reviser. Everything I write, whether it's a query letter, an article, or a novel, has to be clarified, chopped up, rearranged, lengthened (or shortened), and … Continue reading I’m a Reviser, Not a Writer

The War on Adverbs. Bring It On!

  THE WAR ON ADVERBS That's right bring it on! Who started this war? Twitter. Well, actually it was tweeting captain at Writer's Digest. See, a couple days ago they tweeted, "Remove all the adverbs from your writing. Yes, even the ones that really work." If you're as big a smart ass as I am, … Continue reading The War on Adverbs. Bring It On!