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My Top-Rated Reads of 2019

Last year I set myself the task of reviewing every book I read. I figured this was only fair since I'm always harping on how one of the best ways to support a writer is to leave a review (hint hint). This chore was also a bit of a marketing ploy (what isn't?) to gain … Continue reading My Top-Rated Reads of 2019

Reading, Reading, and More Reading

Recently, book blogger and avid reader Book Club Mom shared with the world all the books she's read so far this year and I thought, 'Well, now there's a blogging idea I could steal!" (Don't worry, she did ask at the end for her followers to share their reading lists, so I'm not stealing, I'm … Continue reading Reading, Reading, and More Reading

Concentration Not Required

There’s plenty of assumptions about creativity: only select people are creative, creativity takes up loads of time, and the like. But another creativity myth is that somehow creative folks are more focused than normal humans and that it is this focus that allows them to be creative. Not true. And I’ve got the scientists behind … Continue reading Concentration Not Required

Getting Reviews When You Feel It’s Impossible to Get Reviews

Face it, if you're an independent author (aka "self-publisher"), it can be hard to get your book reviewed. You can jump through the hurdles of book bloggers, you can send away copy after copy to places that say they review indie books, and you can contact local media to ask for a bit of coverage … Continue reading Getting Reviews When You Feel It’s Impossible to Get Reviews

How Long Does It Take to Write A Book?

  Many writers jumping into the literary world, ask themselves this. Perhaps they even search online for the answer. Writers' magazines, when spotlighting new authors list how long it took them to complete their book. The answers, wherever you find them, range from seven weeks to seven years. Not helpful. It's like saying your next … Continue reading How Long Does It Take to Write A Book?