Are You a Book-Loving Podcast Fan?

Hey Bloglandia, I know it's an ominous time for new ventures, but pandemic or not, I'm plowing ahead with one of my goals for this year. I've been hinting since the start of the year about starting a podcast. Well, a couple weeks ago I committed to it by buying a domain name and website … Continue reading Are You a Book-Loving Podcast Fan?

January’s Writing & Reading Round-Up

Hello Bloglandia! Wait. Where did January go? I can't believe we've (well, nearly) charged through the first month of 2020 already. While I'm not normally a sunshine and rainbows kind of gal, if this month is any indication of the year ahead, I'm in for a pretty good 2020. And yes, my normal cynical-pessimist self … Continue reading January’s Writing & Reading Round-Up

Writing Goals: Did I Win 2019?

Happy New Year Bloglandia!! If you're reading this, that's a good sign that you aren't still blind drunk from last night. And that your hangover headache isn't too excruciating. So congrats! Excellent start to 2020, right? As you can see, Finn McSpool may have overindulged last night. Luckily, while he's sleeping it off, I can … Continue reading Writing Goals: Did I Win 2019?

2009 vs 2019 – A Decade of Writing

Hello Bloglandia! I recently heard of someone doing an "End of Decade" comparison between where their writing career was at in 2009 versus 2019 and I thought, "I could totally steal that idea." Okay, the math and calendar-keeping nerds out there all know we have one more year of the 2010s, and I completely agree … Continue reading 2009 vs 2019 – A Decade of Writing

Mistakes, Promises, and What I’ll Never Do Again

I experimented with using the self-publishing technique of rapid-release for my Domna series. Here's my overall thoughts on the strategy, the pros and cons of it, and a promise I'm making to myself and my readers for future books.