Finn McSpool Predicts the Future

When Finn McSpool and I visited Pittock Mansion to see the Christmas displays a couple weeks ago, one of the rooms had an eerie Fortune Teller theme...made even eerier by a certain monster floating into the shot. Inspired by these mysteries of prognostication, Finn has shuffled the tarot deck, tossed the rune sticks, pulled out … Continue reading Finn McSpool Predicts the Future

Time for a Book Marketing Makeover, aka “My Book Sales Suck”

Since today's post is about my books sales, it could very easily take on a rather dismal tone. But since moaning and groaning isn't the point of this week's indie author musings, I promise I'll try to keep it as upbeat as possible without going all Pollyanna on you. Because even though I'm starting from … Continue reading Time for a Book Marketing Makeover, aka “My Book Sales Suck”

New Year = New Focus

Now that we've survived the Mayan Apocalypse (turns out someone forgot to carry the one somewhere in the math) and flipped the calendar to 2013, it's time for some new goals in my writing world. When I left my job in 2010, the point was for me to work on books, novels in particular. Of … Continue reading New Year = New Focus