A Friday Smile – Part 7

Ladies...you know that feeling that someone creepy is eyeing you when you're out for a run, and you try to tell yourself you're just being paranoid? Well, that feeling is real....and here's the proof from my run this morning! First, I sense him lurking behind some shrubbery... Then, he gives up hiding and reveals himself. … Continue reading A Friday Smile – Part 7

A Friday Smile – Part 6

Hello Bloglandia! It's that time of the week when I've gone scouting around the neighborhood (because where else am i going to go?) to find something that will make you grin. This week's photos not only should bring a smile to your face, but might also make you feel like you've escaped your home and … Continue reading A Friday Smile – Part 6

A Friday Smile – Part Five

Hello Bloglandia! It's that time of the week where I hunt down a quick snapshot to bring a little grin to your locked down faces. As you know, I've been trying to get a photo of the goslings that should be roaming around my neighborhood any day now. But once again, the local goose families … Continue reading A Friday Smile – Part Five

A Friday Smile – Part Four

Hello Bloglandia! It's another attempt by yours truly to bring a wee grin to your face. But first, a little about these posts. I started doing "A Friday Smile" posts mainly to add a bit of happy into this wacky world, but after doing it for a few weeks, I've also found it provides a … Continue reading A Friday Smile – Part Four

A Friday Smile – Part Three

Happy Friday, everyone! It's time for another bit of smile-worthy scenery from my neighborhood. As an update from last week's grin-producing efforts, I still haven't seen another goose family who wants their family photo, but I'm going to keep searching one out. Instead, I've discovered my whole neighborhood has gone overboard with pink blooms. Not … Continue reading A Friday Smile – Part Three