Changes Are on the Way (and so is free stuff)

Hello Shiny People! Yes, as the title indicates, changes are on the way to my website, my book availability, and my mailing list. What's brought all this about? Well, besides my constant quest to hone and improve the business side of my writing, a bunch of "events" are happening all at once in my writing … Continue reading Changes Are on the Way (and so is free stuff)

Writing Quandary: Do I Turn Down a Job?

It's rare enough these days that I get offered writing jobs out of the blue (mainly because I haven't been focusing much on my writing world over the past couple months), so when an editor does contact me to offer a writing gig I usually jump at the chance. But last week I was presented … Continue reading Writing Quandary: Do I Turn Down a Job?

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Putting on My Brave Face

This week I must be brave. Okay, not like a solider-, fireman-, or public speaker-level of brave, but just sort of an it-must-be-done-but-I-am-really-uncomfortble-with-it kind of brave. Deep breaths will be taken. Heavy exhales will be released once I'm done....if I manage my way through, that is. See, an article I've written for Horticulture┬ámagazine is due … Continue reading Putting on My Brave Face

The Forgotten Query That Must Be Remembered

No, that's not the title of a new fantasy novel, although it does have a nice Lord-of-the-Rings-You-Shall-Not-Pass ring to it. Instead, the Forgotten Query That Must Be Remembered was my most recent writing dilemma and one I hope to never have again. The Backstory Last March I was asked to do a presentation on my … Continue reading The Forgotten Query That Must Be Remembered

Terrible Advice for Writers

As a writer, I'm constantly seeking tips on how to create better characters, improve my settings, market my work and a billion other things I suck at. Some advice is great and finds its way into my special Writing Tips file folder - okay it's not so much a file folder as it is papers … Continue reading Terrible Advice for Writers