We’re From France

Hello Bloglandia!!! It's just a quick "Hello" from me this week. Or should I say, "Bonjour!" Yes, Mr Husband, Finn McSpool, and I are still traipsing through France with only a few more days remaining of our latest adventure. I'll have all the juicy details and horror stories of the trip when I get back, … Continue reading We’re From France

Finn McSpool is Packing His Bags

Hello Bloglandia! I know it's been a while since we've heard from the wee Irish monster, but Finn McSpool is alive and well (meaning, his stuffing hasn't fallen out...often a fatal illness for Beasties). He's so healthy, in fact, that this morning I caught him packing his backpack...even if he still can't quite figure out … Continue reading Finn McSpool is Packing His Bags

Vous Me Comprenez!!!

With a three-week long trip to France looming in my near future, I've been cramming my head full of French grammar, French vocabulary, French idioms, and French verb conjugations (eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a few French language novels and study guides amongst my thirty-five pounds of library book sale treasures). I love learning languages. … Continue reading Vous Me Comprenez!!!


Back Away From the Nutella!

The week a huge blast o'blasphemy rattled across France. Was it the Pope's declaration on climate change? Was it gangs of pickpockets raiding the Eiffel Tower? Nope. It was a call to stop eating Nutella. A Little About Nutella For those of you who don't know what Nutella is, well, I pity you and wonder … Continue reading Back Away From the Nutella!

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Travel Pic Thursday: Rodin Museum (Paris)

Happy Thursday Everyone! Paris is an insane city. Traffic is insane. The hoards of tourists are insane. The scam artists are insane. And sometime you just have to escape that insanity. While most museums in Paris are wall-to-wall human flesh, one museum attracts fewer visitors making a wonderful place to view some art without the … Continue reading Travel Pic Thursday: Rodin Museum (Paris)