I’ve Been Framed!

This week my art time has been spent away from my colored pencils and has instead been devoted to prepping my work for my upcoming solo exhibition (which starts next week….Squeeee!). That prep work has meant suffering the tedium of framing my artwork. Ugh.

You’d think with the amount of detail throw into my drawings/paintings that I’d be one of those completely anal people who enjoy the nit-picky work of making everything look perfect. No. I love creating art, but I hate doing the final work of presentation. If I was a baker, I would be making delicious cakes (mmmm…..cake), but no one would eat them because the decoration would be a slapped on heap of icing with maybe a few sugar sprinkles to pretty it up.

I'm sure it tastes great.

I’m sure it tastes great.

So, since framing is basically the icing on the artwork cake, I’ve dreaded this week’s chore. Especially as I’m afraid of messing anything up and being told by the art installation lady that she is NOT putting my ugly cakes up on the gallery walls. Continue reading