Ireland: Land of Beers, Breakfasts, and Beastie Friends

You'll be glad to know that Finn McSpool has made it safely home after over two weeks of traipsing around the land of his birth. I was ready to jump into all the adventures this wooly monster had in Kilkenny, Cork, the Aran Islands, and Dublin, but Finn insisted on a post to highlight his … Continue reading Ireland: Land of Beers, Breakfasts, and Beastie Friends

It’s Wine Time for Finn McSpool

Right now is one of my favorite times of year. Even though it's sad to see summer quickly fading away, the silver lining to those impending autumn storm clouds is the abundance of free food around the neighborhood. Plum trees in schoolyards are kindly giving up their fruit, neighbors are begging you to take away … Continue reading It’s Wine Time for Finn McSpool

My Cynical Thanksgiving-Eve Greeting

In the U.S. we're about to celebrate what used to traditionally be harvest time by gathering around a previously frozen turkey that spent its short life jacked up on hormones, antibiotics, and corn (probably in that order), then filling ourselves to bursting with mounds of food drowned under a liter of gravy*. Don't get me … Continue reading My Cynical Thanksgiving-Eve Greeting


Back Away From the Nutella!

The week a huge blast o'blasphemy rattled across France. Was it the Pope's declaration on climate change? Was it gangs of pickpockets raiding the Eiffel Tower? Nope. It was a call to stop eating Nutella. A Little About Nutella For those of you who don't know what Nutella is, well, I pity you and wonder … Continue reading Back Away From the Nutella!

Saturday Selections: Show Me the Honey!

Okay, I'm cheating a bit with this Saturday Selection by squeezing in an update on my bees. But really, nothing's grabbed my fancy this week except for the huge pot of honey I've extracted from my own beehive. Yum! A Little Background As you may remember, my bees were behaving very badly before I left … Continue reading Saturday Selections: Show Me the Honey!