Evil Strikes Again in Ireland

Yes, after our brief hiatus to celebrate the spookier side of things and to have a local getaway, Finn is FINALLY continuing on with his last few days of his tour to the land of his birth. Now, in our earlier Ireland adventures, you learned that Evil had thrown a couple wrenches into our time … Continue reading Evil Strikes Again in Ireland

A Beastie Taste of the Tropics

I had planned to continue on with the next installment of Finn McSpool's Beastie Tales of Ireland, but a couple weeks ago, as I was sifting through my Traffic Donkey photos, I noticed Tammie Beastie was missing. She's easy to overlook since she's kind of quiet and generally keeps to herself, but since we have … Continue reading A Beastie Taste of the Tropics

Finn Sees Into the Fruity Future

It's another couple weeks that Finn McSpool hasn't gotten out and about. While he's complaining that this is ruining his chances to have the paparazzi chase him down and slap his photo on the cover of a gossip magazine, I have assured him that a BIG adventure is coming his way very soon. Luckily, Beasties … Continue reading Finn Sees Into the Fruity Future

Finn McSpool Springs Into Easter

With a busy writing schedule lately, I haven't had time to take Finn McSpool on any local or far away adventures, but he said, "That's no excuse not to do a blog post about me!" (because you know how he is) and insisted we do a little spring-/Easter-themed photo shoot (again, because you know how … Continue reading Finn McSpool Springs Into Easter

A Monster Wander Through the Not-So Wintry Garden

After going on a lot recently about monsters - Doubt Monsters, Amazonian Monsters - I've been looking forward to a post featuring that far-friendlier monster, Finn McSpool! This year, the Pacific Northwest has thumbed its nose at the seasons and declared that winter is definitely NOT coming. While I was putting away all the dragon … Continue reading A Monster Wander Through the Not-So Wintry Garden