peony, pink flower

Bloomin’ and Buzzin’, My Garden Beckons

This is one of those rare weeks when I have no new artwork to show you (although I am working on remedying that) and no new art news to share with you (although hopefully next week I'll have something news-y to post). Since I'm completely art-less, I figured I'd get snap happy in the garden … Continue reading Bloomin’ and Buzzin’, My Garden Beckons

collage, mulberry paper

Getting Scrappy With My Art

Hello Everyone! A few weeks ago I attended an Art Trade Show hosted by the Clackamas County Arts Alliance. Even though none of the displays grabbed my eye, I couldn't escape the siren's call to wander through their little shop of art supplies. I managed to resist many tempting treats, but somehow a pack of … Continue reading Getting Scrappy With My Art

A Rose by Any Other Name…

...would smell like baguettes, bacon, or French fries. No, I haven'tĀ gotten on the Alternative Facts bandwagon by coming up with some Alternative Shakespeare. Although maybe some of my social media followers have. What in the world am I rambling about? My new piece of colored pencil art, of course. Starting Out by Having Fun After … Continue reading A Rose by Any Other Name…

Buried in Snow? Here’s a Taste of the Tropics.

No, don't double check your calendars; it is indeed Thursday, not Wednesday. The Portland area got hit with a whopper of a snow storm Tuesday night. The snow clung to the branches of a neighbor's fir tree which eventually snapped and took down the power lines about 9:15 yesterday morning and we just got power … Continue reading Buried in Snow? Here’s a Taste of the Tropics.