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Forget Florence…I’m Outta Here!

Before abandoning my trip reports last week to go on a political tirade, Mr. Husband and I were still roaming the streets of Florence, Italy. And as you'll recall, that roaming was done in a complete daze due not to cheap Italian wine, but to insomnia. Well, let's just say our mental states weren't improving as … Continue reading Forget Florence…I’m Outta Here!

Pitti Palace, florence, italy, italia, firenze, boboli gardens

It’s a Pity About Pitti Palace

The last time Mr. Husband and I were in Italy, we wandered across the Ponte Vecchio to see the Pitti Palace facade, but didn't have time to go in. When we returned from that trip I read a bit about the Boboli Gardens and had an I-could-have-had-a-V-8 moment when I realized what I missed. So, this time … Continue reading It’s a Pity About Pitti Palace

Giving Italy the Finger…and Thumb

Before I begin this post, some of you may have been wondering why last week's post didn't include photos of Mr. Husband's Dome and Campanile climb in Florence. Um, to be honest, I was being a bit lazy and didn't feel like wrangling the SD card from his camera. But the motivation  bug bit me today … Continue reading Giving Italy the Finger…and Thumb

The Vacation Part Two: Wild Ride and Jail Time

We last left our intrepid explorers at the airport in Florence, Italy; but how did they get from the airport to their room? What adventures awaited them on their first full day in Italy? All this and more in today's post. The Wild Ride The Florence airport is a tiny little place and since all passport checks … Continue reading The Vacation Part Two: Wild Ride and Jail Time

The Vacation Begins…Ughhhhh

Happy Saturday Everyone! As I promised on Wednesday, the next several Saturday posts will be devoted to The Vacation I recently survived. So, if you like tales of exciting adventure and daring-do, well you'll have to look elsewhere because I'm a big wimp. But if you just want to read my take on a European … Continue reading The Vacation Begins…Ughhhhh