How Do You Write?

The trouble with being a writer – really being a writer, not just sitting around talking about being a writer – is that at some point you have to get all those images, characters and conversations out of your head. Okay, some people need to see a therapist, spend years in therapy and possibly take medication to get those things out of their head, but for writers we only need pen and paper, or a computer.

Now, this could be a huge dividing line between writers. Just as some writers swear by creating outlines before they ever put down Word One, other writers just start writing and let the words flow as they may. Step into any writers’ forum and you’ll see passionate arguments from either side. And I have a feeling whether you write out your first draft longhand or you type it directly into your computer is another one of those “issues” that writers (when trying to avoid the task of writing) love to debate about.

This week I’m curious to find out which side of the keyboard you’re on when drafting your work. Continue reading