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Paperback Lovers Rejoice!!!

If you've been reading this blog recently and have sat through the recent ebook releases for Domna Part One: The Sun God's Daughter and Part Two: The Solon's Son, you might have been left muttering, "But I'd really prefer a paperback of the whole novel." Or maybe you've been saying, "Gosh, I've really been meaning … Continue reading Paperback Lovers Rejoice!!!

Time for Another Reveal

Yes, after many surveys, design changes, more surveys, cursing at the computer, and more surveys, the book cover for Domna is finally ready. Now, I'm going to have to admit to a tad bit of election fraud here (hey, it's America, it's what we do). In the blog and newsletter surveys I've posted to assist me in … Continue reading Time for Another Reveal

Domna Details: Turning History Into Fantasy

Many of you have been hearing me (reading me?) going on and on about my work in progress having started out as a historical novel and now (due to a bit of laziness on my part, I'll admit) being turned into a fantasy novel set in my world of Osteria. But what bit of history … Continue reading Domna Details: Turning History Into Fantasy