November’s Featured Story: Dragon Trouble

It's a new month and that means it's time for a new story! November's short story features dragons, cheeky humor, and...asparagus. I wrote this one some time last year, but have recently given a little revision polish, so without further ado, guard your damsels in distress because we've got.... Dragon Trouble A geneticist binge-watched too … Continue reading November’s Featured Story: Dragon Trouble

Throwing Down the Reading Gauntlet

Reading. It should be a means of escape. A way to unwind after a long day of reality. A way to curl up with a tasty beverage and relax. It's not! It's a means to win things and to beat out the competition!!! Well, in the summer anyway. Summer Reading Programs - Bring it On!! … Continue reading Throwing Down the Reading Gauntlet

The End Is Only the Beginning

We've finally made it to the final chapter of┬áDomna, Part One: The Sun God's Daughter!!!! Even though we've reached The End, it's really only the beginning for the rest of this intrigue-filled serialized novel as you'll see right after I cover a couple business-y/promote-y tidbits. First, if you missed the festivities last week, you can … Continue reading The End Is Only the Beginning

Promoting Your Book: Book Trailers

Despite what some folks may believe writing is a lot of work. There's the writing of course which requires research and longs hours of typing or scrawling, there's the revising which is daunting to say the very least and then there's the promoting which sometimes feels as effective as banging your head against a wall. … Continue reading Promoting Your Book: Book Trailers

Behind the Book: Hercules’s Twelfth Labor

We've made it to the twelfth labor! But let's not linger over celebrations, let's see what Herc has to face this time and how I worked the labor in The Trials of Hercules: Book One of the Osteria Chronicles.... Hercules's Twelfth Labor in Mythology Eurystheus may have meant it as an insult when he told … Continue reading Behind the Book: Hercules’s Twelfth Labor