13 Ways to Get Your Trojan On

Hello Bloglandia! Before you start to think I've gone from writing books to writing a sex advice column, I should probably clarify that I mean "Trojan War," NOT "Trojan condoms." Hmmm...I probably just lost a lot of readers. Oh well, for those of you who are sticking around and who are looking for a little … Continue reading 13 Ways to Get Your Trojan On

Friday Freebie Meets Friday Reads

Hey Book Lovers and Bargain Hunters! It's not often I'm cool enough to create a melange of two hashtags, but it's strange times and we're all learning new skills. Okay, maybe hashtag-mashing isn't the top skill I should be working on, but... Anyway, I've got a couple free stories for you!! Well, sort of. If … Continue reading Friday Freebie Meets Friday Reads

It’s a (Rather Subdued) Release Day

Hello Bloglandia!! I hope you're all doing well, or as well as possible. It's stressful times, but isn't that the perfect excuse to escape into another world with a good book? Oh, and I just happen to have a new one ready for you! Ugh, that was THE lamest sales pitch ever, right? Anyway, this … Continue reading It’s a (Rather Subdued) Release Day

Behind the Book: A Really Dysfunctional Family

Hello Bloglandia! Remember the holidays? Remember groaning over your slightly-dysfunctional, sappy-nutty family? Well, your family is going to seem like the Waltons after you get done with this Behind the Book feature. This time we're exploring the story of Rhea and Kronos, which includes playing favorites, parent-child rivalries, cannibalism, and a bit of ancient abdominal … Continue reading Behind the Book: A Really Dysfunctional Family

Behind the Book: This is Sparta!

Hello Bloglandia! If you've read any of the books from my historical fantasy series The Osteria Chronicles*, you'll be well familiar with the Areans, those pesky folks from the Aryana polis (city-state). *Quick note...I'm offering a huge discount on the Osteria Chronicles box set...see the end of the post for this amazing deal. As with … Continue reading Behind the Book: This is Sparta!