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My, What a Big Duomo You Have -Orvieto, Italy

I'm about at the end of our relaxing time in Orvieto, but no stop to this hilltop Italian town would be complete without a trip to its Duomo. The official name of this impressive building is Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, so you'll understand if I just stick to "Duomo." From the side, with its black and white stripes, the … Continue reading My, What a Big Duomo You Have -Orvieto, Italy

orvieto, italy, italia

Orvieto, Italy: Up, Down, and All Around

After last week's side trip to the Oregon Zoo, it's time to get back on track with The Vacation. After our arrival in Orvieto and finally getting some much needed sleep (and cheap wine) it was time to explore up, down, and all around this hilltop town. This post is a bit long and quite … Continue reading Orvieto, Italy: Up, Down, and All Around

Library Tour – Off to Amsterdam

Now that I've gotten over some of the giddiness that took over me after stealing my first batch of honey from my bees, it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled program. That means we'll be taking a tour through another of the world's libraries. This time, we're off to Amsterdam. Now, I know … Continue reading Library Tour – Off to Amsterdam