New Artwork Goes a Bit Swirly

Yes, I'm featuring new artwork three Fridays in a row! Don't worry, I haven't set up a sweat shop in which I force second grade kiddies to toil with colored pencils for fifteen hours a day filling in the details of my work. I simply had a couple┬ápieces that took a lonnnnng time and then … Continue reading New Artwork Goes a Bit Swirly

Going Dutch with Dura Lar

A couple weeks ago I shared my mad-scientist-esque experiment with Dura Lar, a graphic film brought to you from the fine folks at Grafix Arts. Well, today is finally the day for the grand unveiling of my Dura car artwork and to flaunt the piece's sparkly new listing on my Etsy shop. But first, a … Continue reading Going Dutch with Dura Lar

Behind the Art: Mosaic Toucan

Hello Readers! Well it's the first Tuesday of the month and that means instead of telling you all the secrets behind my books, I'm sharing the story of one of the art pieces I worked on during the previous month. Last month I stuck with an image from my own garden, but in January it … Continue reading Behind the Art: Mosaic Toucan

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It’s Time to Reveal the Revamped 13th Hour!

After a couple years of not looking its best, my short story collection 13th Hour has finally emerged from the spa and is ready to show the world its new look. With input from the readers of this blog, I designed a new cover for the book that conveys the "creepy" aspect of many of … Continue reading It’s Time to Reveal the Revamped 13th Hour!