I’m Still Angry…And I Plan to Stay That Way

So, it turns out that the results from Tuesday's election weren't just some super-vivid and super-scary nightmare. Damn it. I was really hoping my overactive imagination had gotten the better of me and that I would wake up to a sane world. So much for hope. I know today's should be given over to the … Continue reading I’m Still Angry…And I Plan to Stay That Way


Cecil the Lion Matters, But….

Cecil the Lion’s murder was tragic and anyone who thinks it’s good ol’ fun to go out and shoot a creature only to put its head or skin on the wall or floor is beyond my comprehension or compassion. Yes, I’m outraged at the wanton destruction of such a magnificent animal, and yes, I do … Continue reading Cecil the Lion Matters, But….

When Your City Surprises You

Ask most longtime Portland residents about the Willamette River and most will say it's a decent river with some picturesque bridges, but in their heads they will be picturing something akin to a toxic waste dump that is about ready to gurgle out the Swamp Creature. That's because if you've lived in Portland for any great … Continue reading When Your City Surprises You


Back Away From the Nutella!

The week a huge blast o'blasphemy rattled across France. Was it the Pope's declaration on climate change? Was it gangs of pickpockets raiding the Eiffel Tower? Nope. It was a call to stop eating Nutella. A Little About Nutella For those of you who don't know what Nutella is, well, I pity you and wonder … Continue reading Back Away From the Nutella!