Day Tripping to Italy from London

It may sound crazy, but you really can take a day trip to Venice while you're in London. Okay, it's just Little Venice - a neighborhood in the northern bit of London - and may not be as famous as its Italian namesake, but it was still worth a little excursion while Mr. husband and … Continue reading Day Tripping to Italy from London

Making My Shakespearian Debut in London

My original plan of covering the London Trip in only three blog posts seems to have failed. Ah well, it's next to impossible to not go on and on about such a terrific city. Today we head to the south side of London for some strolling, some shopping, and some Shakespeare-ing. The Making of This … Continue reading Making My Shakespearian Debut in London

Crossing the Line in London

Okay, okay, that title should be "Crossing the Line in Greenwich," but "Crossing the Line in London" appeals more to my alliteration-loving sensibilities. During our recent trip to London, Mr. Husband and I seemed to be making up for all the things we wanted to do last time (way back in 2013), but couldn't manage to squeeze … Continue reading Crossing the Line in London

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A City Day in London

Okay, first off, let's get our words in order. London is a marvelous city....note the lowercase "c" on city. But The City of London is also pretty cool...note the capital "C" this time. What's the difference? The city of London means the city as a whole, whereas The City of London is a section of London. … Continue reading A City Day in London

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London is a Walk in the Park

Since I couldn't convince the Queen to let me shack up in a room in Buckingham Palace, I'm back home from London. That means my only way of pretend I'm back in the big city is to share my trip with you. Even though I have SOOO much to show and tell, I'll try to keep this … Continue reading London is a Walk in the Park