Writing Quandary: Do I Turn Down a Job?

It’s rare enough these days that I get offered writing jobs out of the blue (mainly because I haven’t been focusing much on my writing world over the past couple months), so when an editor does contact me to offer a writing gig I usually jump at the chance. But last week I was presented with a writing opportunity that I’m (insert big gulp of indecision) thinking of turning down.

Some Background

going native, native plant, gardening guideAs part of my promo efforts prior to the release of Going Native: Small Steps to a Healthy Garden a couple years ago, I contacted several native plant societies asking them (okay, begging them) to give the book a shout out on their website or newsletter or perhaps on a huge billboard that they happened to have on hand.

One of the few responders was the Native Plant Society of North America. The editor of the society’s newsletter said she’d look over the book and, if she liked it, would include a review of the book in an upcoming newsletter. I sent her a copy, she really liked it and wrote up a half-page review.

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