A Little World History

Hey Everyone! I'm back!! Well, sort of back. I did manage to charge through all my editing on my little break last week, but since most of Part Six of Domna was all freshly written in the last draft, it required another (ugh) read through over the weekend due to some confusingly wonky bits I … Continue reading A Little World History

Clearing the Hurdle of Book Four, aka “Bonds is DONE!”

That's right The Bonds of Osteria: Book Four of the Osteria Chronicles is DONE!! Okay, not "done" done, but done enough to celebrate with all kinds of happy dancing and hoppy libations because it was a major struggle getting to this point. The Troubles I wrote the bare bones of Bonds as I was reworking … Continue reading Clearing the Hurdle of Book Four, aka “Bonds is DONE!”

Dragons, Beasts, and Book Bargains

For those of you keeping up with the Bloggity Makeover, you'll have noticed on your calendars that it's the first Saturday of the month and time for an update on how the book is coming along. To sum it up: Not too shabbily. Here Be¬†Dragons You may recall that after having¬†plowed my way through the … Continue reading Dragons, Beasts, and Book Bargains

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Putting Myself On My Own To-Read List

Anyone who has known me for more than half a second will be aware that I love my lists. In addition to my monthly, weekly, and daily To-Do lists there's my To-Paint list for new artwork and my To-Write/Edit list for new publications. But my favorite list of them all is my To-Read list to … Continue reading Putting Myself On My Own To-Read List

Novel Writing: Heading into the Third Inning

I have to say that the third draft is probably my favorite when hammering out a book. "Shouldn't the final draft be your favorite?" I hear you ask. Well, no. The final draft is a bit anti-climatic. It's thrilling to be done, but then I have to face the daunting tasks of marketing, publishing and … Continue reading Novel Writing: Heading into the Third Inning