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Good News Via My Local Library!

This week I have some good news (and a nice little confidence boost) courtesy of my local library! A Little Backstory Late last year, Multnomah County Library (MCL) put out a call for local authors who were holders of a Multnomah County Library card to submit proposals to have their e-books included in the library's e-book catalog. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Good News Via My Local Library!

Okay Pirates, You Win

This week I learned my recent release, The Trials of Hercules, has been pirated. Initially I thought only a couple illegal download sites had it and that the wound could be staunched, but I've since learned that old Herc is bleeding out through his femoral artery because the book is on at least 20 pirating … Continue reading Okay Pirates, You Win

You’re Worth It! Valuing Yourself As a Writer

If anyone out there remembers watching Saturday Night Live back in the early '90s, you have to remember the character Stuart Smalley played by super funny Al Franken. For those of you who aren't old enough to have seen the skits, so old you have forgotten there was a decade called the '90s, or who … Continue reading You’re Worth It! Valuing Yourself As a Writer

Work Wisely for Easy E-Book Formatting

As promised last week, this week is all about how to make your e-book formatting a tad easier. Now, first things first - this post is not about how to format your e-book because that varies depending on where you're submitting it to, what program you use for your formatting and the type of file … Continue reading Work Wisely for Easy E-Book Formatting

To Bee or Not To Bee

LOVING & HATING BEES The week started out with a quick hive inspection since we finally got some decent weather. I'd been so proud of my little bees and thought they must be the smartest bees ever. I'd read all these horror stories about bees making helter-skelter comb in all sorts of wrong directions leading … Continue reading To Bee or Not To Bee