Decorating Another Wall with My Art

I know I am LOOOOONG overdue for a Sketchbook Show Off, but other news keeps getting in the way, and even my news has gotten in the way of my news. Take for example, my latest art show that went up in May. You didn't even know about it did you? Luckily, I'm dedicating this … Continue reading Decorating Another Wall with My Art

A Rose by Any Other Name…

...would smell like baguettes, bacon, or French fries. No, I haven't gotten on the Alternative Facts bandwagon by coming up with some Alternative Shakespeare. Although maybe some of my social media followers have. What in the world am I rambling about? My new piece of colored pencil art, of course. Starting Out by Having Fun After … Continue reading A Rose by Any Other Name…

Works in Very Slow Progress

No, don't check your calendar; it is indeed Saturday. Seems yesterday managed to slip by without me tossing out a F(ine) Art Friday post to the world. And yet the globe continues to spin...amazing. Snarky comments aside, there's not too much to report in my art world at the moment. I'm at the beginning and midpoint of … Continue reading Works in Very Slow Progress

Daring to Try Dura-Lar

Those of you who follow me on various social media outlets will have seen that over the past few weeks I've been working on a new bit of colored pencil art based on a stained glass window in Delft (Netherlands). But what you may not know is that with this new piece I've been experimenting … Continue reading Daring to Try Dura-Lar