One Last Artistic Hurrah

Geez, how long has it been since I set my colored pencils and paintbrushes aside to buckle down and truly focus on writing? Sifting back through the old blog post pile, it looks like it was WAY back in August 2017 (you know, ancient times as far as the Interwebs go) when I wrote about … Continue reading One Last Artistic Hurrah

Time for My Flying Dragons and Little Buddies

That blog post title almost makes it sound like I'm starting a circus of some sort. While I'd love to have a herd of dancing¬†elephants and a few tigers to add to my cat collection, there's just no room in my garden for a show under the big top. Instead, the only show I have … Continue reading Time for My Flying Dragons and Little Buddies

The Curse of the Joshua Tree

Although¬†that blog post title sounds a bit like the title of a mystery novel, the tale of horror in this post is no work of fiction. As you may recall, part of my frantic oh-my-god-I-have-too-much-to-do feelings recently had to do with my need to write and illustrate an article about Joshua trees for the Native … Continue reading The Curse of the Joshua Tree

Red Flowers and Green Eyes

Red and green? Don't worry, the spirit of Christmas hasn't reared it's ugly head again. Instead, it's more of a Dr. Seuss thing. One painting, two painting, red flower, green feline. Hmm...maybe I better stay away from any attempts at Seussian-style poetry and just show you my latest artwork. First Off: A Bunch of Cherries … Continue reading Red Flowers and Green Eyes

Pink Flowers and Exploding Heads

Hello everyone! Let's jump right into the first portion of that intriguing blog post title and take a gander at my latest piece of colored pencil work. Pink Flowers!!! Okay, not the most clever of titles, but if you have a better suggestion I'd love to steal your ideas. Summer Blast? Pink Burst? See, this … Continue reading Pink Flowers and Exploding Heads