I’m Taking Over the (Book) World

Sorry, let me tame my evil laughter long enough to type out this post. Deep breath.... Okay, that's better. Alright, so loyal readers will know that earlier this year I tried a little experiment by going exclusive with Amazon's KDP Select program. This meant I could ONLY offer my books on Amazon - I couldn't … Continue reading I’m Taking Over the (Book) World

Prepping a Pre-Order Despite Finn’s Flamenco

Here's the deal...I did have a terrific post planned all about Finn McSpool's recent adventures in my kitchen (the room will never be the same, I swear). Unfortunately, the vagaries of Amazon.com shipping means the final tool needed for the project he began weeks ago STILL hasn't arrived. However, Finn wasn't going to miss out … Continue reading Prepping a Pre-Order Despite Finn’s Flamenco