Go Stuff It: Sewing Antics

Sometimes I get these crazy notions in my head such as beekeeping, wine making, and the like. One of these crazy projects was apparel sewing and while I've crafted some decent dresses and tops, crafting dresses and tops gets a bit boring. Plus, there's only so many dresses and tops that can fit in my … Continue reading Go Stuff It: Sewing Antics

My Beastification (Reblog from Crawcrafts Beasties)

Yes, it's a rare two-Saturdays-in-a-row, Beastie-filled post! Finn McSpool is resting after all the book launch mayhem that's been going on this week, but I've pulled myself out of bed to show off the creation of the newest Beasties on the block. Well, I should say Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties has been doing the showing … Continue reading My Beastification (Reblog from Crawcrafts Beasties)

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Oh, Woe is My Watercolor

If there's one aspect of my creative world that is my nemesis, it's watercolors. I love the look of watercolor paintings and, conceptually, it doesn't seem much different than working with colored pencils: draw design, do an underlay of color, then fill in main color. Seems simple, right? WRONG! Or at least not for me. … Continue reading Oh, Woe is My Watercolor

Daring to Try Dura-Lar

Those of you who follow me on various social media outlets will have seen that over the past few weeks I've been working on a new bit of colored pencil art based on a stained glass window in Delft (Netherlands). But what you may not know is that with this new piece I've been experimenting … Continue reading Daring to Try Dura-Lar