Opinions Please! Book Cover Survey

It's not often in this politically-charged world that I dare ask anyone's opinion, but it's come that time in the book production process when I'm seeking input, opinions, thoughts, and comments. Of course, I'm trusting that you guys are all kind enough not to turn this into a sound bite-riddled shouting match unlike most "debates" … Continue reading Opinions Please! Book Cover Survey

One Book Cover to Rule Them All

Happy (Third Day of the) New Year! Today is the day I finally get to present the results of my book cover experiment and hope the research committee doesn't get too disgruntled over my findings. But first, I want to give a HUGE thanks to Helen (the Queen of Monster Making, Carrie Rubin (thriller writer … Continue reading One Book Cover to Rule Them All

The Marketing Makeover Begins with a Book Cover Survey!

Part of the Book Marketing Makeover I mentioned last week has involved taking a long hard look at the books in my Osteria Chronicles series and accepting that, although the books themselves are well written, the covers and descriptions don't quite cut the proverbial mustard. So, over the past several weeks, I've been studying other … Continue reading The Marketing Makeover Begins with a Book Cover Survey!

Book Cover Showdown

Six contestants. Only one will win. Sorry, I went a bit Reality TV there for a moment. Even though this isn't the debut of a godawful new program, it is a super exciting time for me (and for you, I hope). After nearly throwing the manuscript in the trash, my latest book is finally coming … Continue reading Book Cover Showdown

Behind the Book: The Voyage’s Cover Reveal

Hello Readers! As promised last Friday, today is the day for the cover reveal of my upcoming book The Voyage: Book Two of The Osteria Chronicles along with a little explanation of how I created the cover in Microsoft Word. The Concept Because it will be the second in a series, most of the "planning" … Continue reading Behind the Book: The Voyage’s Cover Reveal