One Last Artistic Hurrah

Geez, how long has it been since I set my colored pencils and paintbrushes aside to buckle down and truly focus on writing? Sifting back through the old blog post pile, it looks like it was WAY back in August 2017 (you know, ancient times as far as the Interwebs go) when I wrote about my Art Vs Writing Smaackdown.

The odd thing is that when I wrote that post, I totally thought I would miss working on my drawings and paintings, that I would set aside one day a week to work on an art project, that I wouldn’t fall so whole-heartedly back into my writing world. I was wrong. So wrong. I’m verging on obsessive with my yearning to get my new stories out and bursting with ideas for more tales. I’ve yet to set aside a day for “Art Stuff” and with the new production schedule I revealed last week, I don’t see Dedicated Art Day happening any time soon.

Okay I’m rambling. What’s my point? My point is that despite my lack of new art creation, I still have one final obligation to the art world. So, beginning tomorrow is what I expect will be my very last art show. Trust me, I’m not sad because these things are a pain to prep for…although this one was pretty simple since I had everything ready from all the shows I did last year. You know, the shows that were complete flops like this one, this one, and this one (sigh).

A little pre-show preparation

This will be another show with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance, and isn’t it rather fitting that my final show should with the group who gave me my first show!? (By the way if you are an artist who lives in Clackamas County, you need to get in on this group…they are WONDERFUL to work with.) Continue reading


Come See Me On Broadway!

Okay, maybe it’s more like “in” Broadway, as in The Broadway Gallery where my latest art show just started a couple days ago.

If you’ve been keeping track (and even I can’t keep track on most days), this is my fourth show this year: two showings with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance (one of which ends in a few days), my Spring Show at Clackamas Community College, and my display at the West Linn Lutheran Church (which is still going on).

However, this latest show is a little special since 1) it’s in a “real” gallery, as in a commercial gallery, rather than simply decorating the walls of a public space, and 2) is my first show outside of Clackamas County…and out of the state of Oregon as well! So let’s just take a quick look at how it all came together.

Getting the Call and Getting Ready

Continue reading

Just Like Michelangelo

That’s right, just like Michelangelo, my art now decorates the interior of a church. Okay, maybe not just like Michelangelo since I didn’t have to build my own scaffolding to install it or risk a major kink in the neck to create it. And I doubt tourists from all over the world are going to flock to gaze up at it.

Still, even though it’s not the Sistine Chapel, my latest art show is up and running at the Creative Spirits Gallery from now through the end of August. Yes, it’s a little strange to have my work hanging in a church since I’m a rather secular kind of girl, but a venue is a venue, right? Right.

Unlike my other shows, this one is a three-woman ensemble so it wasn’t entirely up to me to fill the vast wall spaces like last time (HUGE sigh of relief). The other artists are Kathy Sandell who brought some fantastic collages and acrylic paintings, and Dorothy Moore who made me jealous with her watercolor skills. You can read all about us on the church’s website. Continue reading

Decorating Another Wall with My Art

I know I am LOOOOONG overdue for a Sketchbook Show Off, but other news keeps getting in the way, and even my news has gotten in the way of my news. Take for example, my latest art show that went up in May. You didn’t even know about it did you? Luckily, I’m dedicating this blog post to that very tidbit of info including photos of the work on display for those of you who can’t make it to the show.

But Wait, There’s More

Okay, I think that is supposed to go at the end, but I just wanted to get in a little reminder that you only have nine days left to gander at my other show that started in April and ends 16 June. If you happen to be in the area of the Wilsonville Campus of Clackamas Community College*, please be sure to pop in and take a peek at thirty pieces of my colored pencil, acrylic, and ink artwork!


*located at 29353 SW Town Center Loop East, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070 Continue reading

The Art Show Begins Amongst Tragedy

The day for the beginning of my art show has finally arrived!!! Well, okay, technically it arrived a couple days ago on April 3rd, but who’s keeping track, right? Last Monday, Mr. Husband and I managed to complete the installation of twenty-nine pieces of my artwork without downloading any divorce papers. This post is all about that set up, but first….

A Little Tragedy

Cocoa the Guinea Pig died Tuesday. As far as signs go, this is probably an ominous one for the start of my show. Or maybe it’s one of those things-can-only-get-better moments (now I have that Howard Jones’ song in my head). Either way, Cocoa has gone on to nibble that big bale of hay in the sky. Continue reading