An Encore Art Performance!

This week I learned that sometimes it pays to pause before hitting Delete when checking my email. As you may remember, I recently wrapped up my first solo art show with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance’s 2016 Artist Exhibit Program (a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see it, by the way). As … Continue reading An Encore Art Performance!

Claiming My Space (Gallery Space, That Is)

One of the random chores on my To-Do List is to regularly check for Calls for Artists. After all, what's the point of making all this art if no one besides my ten Instagram followers (and all you lovely blog subscribers) is going to see it? Most of the calls sound interesting until I click … Continue reading Claiming My Space (Gallery Space, That Is)

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Getting Abstract With My New Piece of Artwork

Anyone who's been following my slowly emerging art career over the past year will probably have noticed my work tends to stick to the realm of realism. But after the scramble to get enough pieces of artwork of a similar style completed for my solo show, I wanted to experiment with a few new things … Continue reading Getting Abstract With My New Piece of Artwork

Meet Borris (New Colored Pencil Art)

Well, I had hoped to have two new pieces of art to show off today; unfortunately, sometimes the colored pencil gods don't cooperate. But let's not dwell on the negative because it's time to meet Borris! Who's Borris? Borris is an Amur Leopard who spends his days lounging at the Oregon Zoo. He's quite a … Continue reading Meet Borris (New Colored Pencil Art)

New Bit of Colored Pencil Art: Gazing Ball

Yay! I've added another piece of art to the candidates for inclusion in my upcoming art show. The date for when I have to have everything ready is drawing (haha) close, but it looks like I may squeak everything in by the deadline. But enough introduction. Let's get to this new bit of colored pencil art. … Continue reading New Bit of Colored Pencil Art: Gazing Ball