Decorating Another Wall with My Art

I know I am LOOOOONG overdue for a Sketchbook Show Off, but other news keeps getting in the way, and even my news has gotten in the way of my news. Take for example, my latest art show that went up in May. You didn't even know about it did you? Luckily, I'm dedicating this … Continue reading Decorating Another Wall with My Art

A Double Dose of the Blues

Blue ribbons, that is! As loyal readers may recall, a few weeks ago I hauled my artwork off to the Clackamas County Fair to be scrutinized and judged along with the hogs, homemade aprons, and odd vegetables (and hogs who eat odd vegetables while wearing homemade aprons). Although not as awesome as a hog in … Continue reading A Double Dose of the Blues

An Encore Art Performance!

This week I learned that sometimes it pays to pause before hitting Delete when checking my email. As you may remember, I recently wrapped up my first solo art show with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance’s 2016 Artist Exhibit Program (a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see it, by the way). As … Continue reading An Encore Art Performance!

All’s Fair in Art and War

Or should I say, "All's County Fair in Art and War?" Yep, it's time again for the Clackamas County Fair, and although I could have entered the Weird Vegetable competition with my cucumber that recently grew into my door frame, I've decided to leave the odd produce to the farmers and stick with the art … Continue reading All’s Fair in Art and War

The Dates Have Been Determined!

As you may remember (because I keep going on and on about it), I was recently selected to be one of the artists featured as part of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance’s Artist Exhibit Program (if not, you can read about it here). For a while I thought someone made a mistake. After all, yours truly … Continue reading The Dates Have Been Determined!