And Now It’s Time For Something Completely Different…

No, it’s not time to try your best imitation of┬áthe Ministry of Silly Walks skit (well, okay, go ahead if you must, but please come back when you’re done). Instead, it’s time for something completely different for this website: a new look.

So, for the next month or so please excuse the mess as I rework into a more streamlined and professional looking site. This change over will mean a few things…

  1. When you visit some pages, things may look a bit wonky. In some cases, that may be intentional, but until I let you know the site has been officially launched, please ignore any odd formatting.

    Time to clean up this place!

    Time to clean up this place!

  2. My prints, greeting cards, and original pieces of art have been taken off sale for now. I’m aiming to bring you a better way to shop, higher-quality prints complete with mats, and greeting card packs that will include matching envelope stickers. All this will take some re-stocking and ordering of new goodies, so please be patient.
  3. My books, however, are all still available for purchase directly through me or via numerous online retailers. I encourage you to shop direct through me for paperbacks, not because I have terrific prices (which I do), but because my closet is getting rather full and I would like to shift these tomes to someone else’s shelves.
  4. This change in my art offerings also means my Etsy shop WritePaintCreate will be shutting down and making way for a new Etsy shop.
  5. Finally, I may miss a blog post or two because I will be banging my head against a wall trying to sort out html code and formatting issues (see #1) and won’t be in the mood to do anything but scream. And since screaming doesn’t translate well into a blog post, it’s best I just not type anything rather than typing ARGHHHHHHHHHH 152 times.

Tentative TImeline for the Transition

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