Red Flowers and Green Eyes

Red and green? Don't worry, the spirit of Christmas hasn't reared it's ugly head again. Instead, it's more of a Dr. Seuss thing. One painting, two painting, red flower, green feline. Hmm...maybe I better stay away from any attempts at Seussian-style poetry and just show you my latest artwork. First Off: A Bunch of Cherries … Continue reading Red Flowers and Green Eyes

Meet Borris (New Colored Pencil Art)

Well, I had hoped to have two new pieces of art to show off today; unfortunately, sometimes the colored pencil gods don't cooperate. But let's not dwell on the negative because it's time to meet Borris! Who's Borris? Borris is an Amur Leopard who spends his days lounging at the Oregon Zoo. He's quite a … Continue reading Meet Borris (New Colored Pencil Art)