vancouver, stanley park, little mermaid, girl in a wetsuit

Travel Pic Thursday: The Little Mermaid, or Is It? (Vancouver, BC)

There seems to be a theme with my Travel Pic Thrusday’s lately. Last week I took you on a trip to see manatees in Belize – manatees that sailors once thought were mermaids – and this week I’m taking you to another bathing beauty that many people think is a replica of the Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue. So, let’s head up north and see what tricks the folks in Vancouver, British Columbia are playing on us.

Canada’s Little Mermaid Fast Facts

vancouver, stanley park, little mermaid, girl in a wetsuit

Mermaid! Or not.

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Library Tour: Vancouver Central Library

It’s time for another trip to the library, this time I’m heading north to Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the best cities in the world with one of the most interesting library designs I’ve seen.

The Vancouver Central Library

So what do you do when you want a new library, but you aren’t sure how people feel about your desire? Well, if you’re the City of Vancouver, you hold an election. Continue reading