Writing Wednesday Takes a Turn for the Boozier

According the latest and greatest of my blogging schedules, today is meant to be Writing Wednesday during which I share with you my writing world, offer up writing advice, or present some other writerly type of babble.

Unfortunately, this week, other than plodding my way through the second draft of The Maze (the third book in my Osteria Chronicles series), there’s just not much going on in my literary life. However, there has been an exciting event in another realm of my existence, so instead of Writing Wednesday, I’m taking a turn for the boozier and making this Wine Wednesday.

As you may remember, a few months ago I thought I’d make use of my garden’s overabundance of grapes by trying my hand at winemaking (if not, read all about it here). Since winemaking instructions tend to be either completely vague or overly technical and since I only had enough grapes for one batch of wine, I decided not to waste my juicy little orbs on my first attempt at being a vintner. Continue reading