Where to Go from Here?

So now that The Bonds of Osteria has been unleashed upon the world and I had a wee bit of a success (relatively speaking) with the launch, I’m left wondering where to go from here. Plus, given that we’re now halfway through 2018, it seems like a perfect time to re-evaluate what in the world I’m doing (honestly, most days I have no idea).

And as ever when I have big decisions to make, I’m going to beg for a little help from my readers so be sure to scroll down to drop your vote in my surveys below.

So, what’s up for debate? Three things…sort of like the Spanish Inquisition, although with less fear and surprise and only a dab of ruthless efficiency. Okay, nothing like the Spanish Inquisition, I just like to work in a Monty Python reference whenever possible. Annnnyway, the three things are… Continue reading


Making It to Number One on Amazon (sort of)

A Little Warning & Apology

Okay, this post is going against my usual humble style and I’ll just preface all this braggy-sounding content by letting you know that all these amazing rankings were only in the Amazon Kindle Free Store (as opposed to the Paid Store) and so don’t quite count as much. Plus, I know the number of books I ended up giving away are pretty much what many authors sell every day even without big promo pushes and I should be embarrassed by them, not shouting them to the world. But still, last week was an exciting time compared to anything I’ve achieved so far with my books!

Annnnnyway…..as you may know, last Wednesday was the official Release Day for The Bonds of Osteria, the fourth book in my Osteria Chronicles series. After all the recent studying I’ve been doing regarding book marketing, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put some of my book learnin’ into action.

My Goals for This Launch & Promo Push

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My Beastification (Reblog from Crawcrafts Beasties)

Yes, it’s a rare two-Saturdays-in-a-row, Beastie-filled post! Finn McSpool is resting after all the book launch mayhem that’s been going on this week, but I’ve pulled myself out of bed to show off the creation of the newest Beasties on the block. Well, I should say Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties has been doing the showing off, I’m just adding a tiny bit of my own commentary.

Below, you’ll see the full details of Beastie creation, but what Helen didn’t show off was her source material and sketches that were used to bring Tammie & Mr Husband Beastie to life.

First, tricksy Mr Husband sent Helen a few of our wedding photos (one of those times I couldn’t avoid the camera despite my best efforts). Continue reading

My Favorite Story Line: Orpheus & Eurydice

I’ve made it back from my adventures on the Emerald Isle, and although there’s the post-vacation blues and jet lag to sort through, I’m still super excited to crank out today’s post because it’s finally time to tell you all about my favorite of the many story lines I’ve woven together in The Bonds of Osteria.

Sure, Perseus and Medusa are classically familiar, and what girl doesn’t love a bit of Pegasus in her life? But the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice quickly turned into the story line I was most eager to work on over the many, many, MANY drafts to bring Bonds to life.

The Myth Vs. The Book: Orpheus & Eurydice

As with my past two forays into Myths Vs Book, I’m going to shout “SPOILER ALERT!!” right now, especially if you don’t know one lick of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. The original myth is in regular typeface, while I’ve enclosed my version of events in **italics** like so. Got it? Okay, on with the myth and my twist on this beautiful tale.

There’s a few slight variations of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, but let’s stick with the basics. In Greek myths, Orpheus is the son of the muse Calliope and the god Apollo who gives him a lyre. Orpheus turns out to be a child prodigy and ends up playing the most beautiful tunes in all the world.

Lyre, lyre, pants on fire!

**Those of you already familiar with the Osteria Chronicles know that Orpheus’s mom desperately wants her son to be a musician, but he’s got this pesky yearning to tinker with engineering (kids these days, am I right?). Still, Mom has gotten her way and Orpheus can play a mean bit of harp when required. Although I haven’t come out and clearly stated it, there are hints in The Bonds of Osteria that Orpheus may have divine parentage.** Continue reading

´╗┐Giddy Up, Up, and Away: Bellerophon & Pegasus

Today, unless my bus gets lost somewhere in the middle of Ireland, I should be heading into Dublin. But just because I’m on vacation, doesn’t mean I’m going to miss out on a chance to tell you all about one of the many story lines I’ve woven together in The Bonds of Osteria.

This time, we’re not only going to be looking at one of the myths that went into making the book, we’re also going to clear up a little misconception about that myth fostered by a certain film. Yeah, I’m looking at you Clash of the Titans! So, let’s saddle up and set some facts straight about Pegasus.

The Myth Vs. The Bonds of Osteria: Bellerophon and Pegasus

As with last week’s Myth Vs Book, even though I don’t give too much away, I’m going to shout “SPOILER ALERT!!” right now, especially since the mythical story of Bellerophon and Pegasus isn’t one of the more familiar ones. Below, you’ll find the original myth is in regular typeface, while I’ve enclosed my version of events in **italics** like so. Got it? Okay, on with the myth and my twist on this Greek duo.

First off, anyone who has seen the original Clash of the Titans movie and hasn’t read up on their Bullfinch’s Mythology will be scratching his head saying, “Bellerophon? I thought it was Perseus who rode Pegasus.” Nope. Well, sort of nope. As myths evolved, Perseus did eventually get to have a jaunt on Pegasus, but for most of the time the Greeks were telling tales, Perseus just borrowed Hermes’s sandals to flit about saving damsels in distress. Continue reading