It’s What All the Osterians Are Wearing These Days

As you’ve seen in previous blogs, my world of Osteria was heavily influenced by my crazy obsession with Ancient Rome (and Greece, to a lesser extent). And while I may not be a fashion maven myself, I have taken a few style tips from those historical Roman men and women and applied them to my … Continue reading It’s What All the Osterians Are Wearing These Days

A Bit of Fictional Double Dipping

It may be a full-on fête faux pas to double dip, but at this party it's allowed and even encouraged because I've got not one, but two servings of new fiction to present to you on a perfectly polished platter. Okay, I promise to stop with the alliteration. So, what's on the menu? May's Featured … Continue reading A Bit of Fictional Double Dipping

domna, paperback, complete

Seeing Into Domna’s Future

Yesterday, as you may know, Domna, Part Four: The Regent's Edict was unleashed upon the world, but prior to the release of this fourth installment of my serialized historical fantasy novel I sat down to do a little number crunching, some head scratching, and a bit of re-evaluation based on all that crunching and scratching. What's … Continue reading Seeing Into Domna’s Future