It’s a (Rather Subdued) Release Day

Hello Bloglandia!! I hope you're all doing well, or as well as possible. It's stressful times, but isn't that the perfect excuse to escape into another world with a good book? Oh, and I just happen to have a new one ready for you! Ugh, that was THE lamest sales pitch ever, right? Anyway, this … Continue reading It’s a (Rather Subdued) Release Day

There’s No Better Time to Become a Book Nerd

Bars are closed. Theaters are closed. Sports are cancelled. Now is THE time to become a Book Nerd!  To become a true book nerd, your primary source of reading material should be your local library. Most have ramped up their digital lending programs, allowing you extra checkouts and/or longer loan periods. But, if you are … Continue reading There’s No Better Time to Become a Book Nerd

Go Native in the Garden for Only 99c

Hello Gardeners of Bloglandia! Since I've been keenly focussed on my fiction for the past couple years, you may have forgotten that a while ago I wrote a little non-fiction book called Going Native: Small Steps to a Healthy Garden. The book pulls on my wide array of gardening know-how, blends it with a strong … Continue reading Go Native in the Garden for Only 99c

Cure Your Monday Blues with a Free Story

Hey Bloglandia! Just a quick post to hopefully take a bit of the sting out of your Monday blues. My short story Testing the Waters is free for a very limited time (because good things never last, right?). So, if you're already wanting to escape the work week, click the cover or the links below … Continue reading Cure Your Monday Blues with a Free Story

And the Winning Cover Is….

Hello Bloglandia, Whether you find it a bunch of ridiculous glad-handing or not, award season is upon us. But before we start drowning too deeply in gold statues that look like murder weapons from an Agatha Christie novel, I've got my own competition to wrap up. If you'll remember, about a month ago, I went … Continue reading And the Winning Cover Is….