And the Winning Cover Is….

Hello Bloglandia, Whether you find it a bunch of ridiculous glad-handing or not, award season is upon us. But before we start drowning too deeply in gold statues that look like murder weapons from an Agatha Christie novel, I've got my own competition to wrap up. If you'll remember, about a month ago, I went … Continue reading And the Winning Cover Is….

Opinions Please! Book Cover Survey

It's not often in this politically-charged world that I dare ask anyone's opinion, but it's come that time in the book production process when I'm seeking input, opinions, thoughts, and comments. Of course, I'm trusting that you guys are all kind enough not to turn this into a sound bite-riddled shouting match unlike most "debates" … Continue reading Opinions Please! Book Cover Survey

Time for Another Reveal

Yes, after many surveys, design changes, more surveys, cursing at the computer, and more surveys, the book cover for Domna is finally ready. Now, I'm going to have to admit to a tad bit of election fraud here (hey, it's America, it's what we do). In the blog and newsletter surveys I've posted to assist me in … Continue reading Time for Another Reveal

Happy (Re)Launch Day to the Osteria Chronicles!!!

This Valentine's Day I'm showing my fantasy series a little love. I've forgone the box of overly-packaged, overpriced chocolates and sappy cards, and have instead opted for a little makeover...not for me, but for my books. What in the world am I rambling on about? Cue drum roll...... The first three books of the Osteria Chronicles … Continue reading Happy (Re)Launch Day to the Osteria Chronicles!!!

One Book Cover to Rule Them All

Happy (Third Day of the) New Year! Today is the day I finally get to present the results of my book cover experiment and hope the research committee doesn't get too disgruntled over my findings. But first, I want to give a HUGE thanks to Helen (the Queen of Monster Making, Carrie Rubin (thriller writer … Continue reading One Book Cover to Rule Them All