Time for Another Reveal

Yes, after many surveys, design changes, more surveys, cursing at the computer, and more surveys, the book cover for Domna is finally ready. Now, I'm going to have to admit to a tad bit of election fraud here (hey, it's America, it's what we do). In the blog and newsletter surveys I've posted to assist me in … Continue reading Time for Another Reveal

Excuses, Excuses, Exc– Oh Look, Wine!

Dear Three People Who Actually Read This Blog, Please brace yourself for some difficult news. Are you ready? No, I mean, really ready because this could be potentially devastating and ruin the rest of your week. Okay, good, I see you've grabbed hold of a glass of wine to help console yourself. Here we go... … Continue reading Excuses, Excuses, Exc– Oh Look, Wine!

Book Cover Survey Round Two

Ding ding ding!  Yep, that's the bell to signal Round Two of the Book Cover Challenge is about to begin. The competition was fierce in the first round. Some covers were completely knocked out of the competition, while others seem to be going the distance. Now, the players battling for supremacy in the ring have … Continue reading Book Cover Survey Round Two

Your Vote Matters: Help Me Pick My Next Book Cover

I swear, this next sentence is NOT fake news: I went a little bonkers a few weeks ago and came up with a baseball team's worth of cover designs for my upcoming book, Domna. Now I need your help to decide which one will make the cut. I have a few favorites, but I would … Continue reading Your Vote Matters: Help Me Pick My Next Book Cover

Happy (Re)Launch Day to the Osteria Chronicles!!!

This Valentine's Day I'm showing my fantasy series a little love. I've forgone the box of overly-packaged, overpriced chocolates and sappy cards, and have instead opted for a little makeover...not for me, but for my books. What in the world am I rambling on about? Cue drum roll...... The first three books of the Osteria Chronicles … Continue reading Happy (Re)Launch Day to the Osteria Chronicles!!!