My Writing Numbers for July

Howdy Bloglandia, It's another round of writing numbers. Since I'm deep into revising mode, my numbers aren't quite as beefy as June's, but here's the tally.... So what do the numbers represent? Blog/Newsletter: Um, pretty self-explanatory. My newsletter subscribers got treated to a new feature this month which added a couple hundred words, while we also … Continue reading My Writing Numbers for July

Celebrate The Maze’s Release Day!!

Well, it’s finally (FINALLLLY) here. After many battles with plots, story lines, and self-doubt, The Maze: Book Three of the Osteria Chronicles is now officially scattered across the online shelves of various book retailers. Yay!!! And better yet, Book Four is already chugging along nicely. Although still in the revising stage and not scheduled for release until next … Continue reading Celebrate The Maze’s Release Day!!