peony, pink flower

Bloomin’ and Buzzin’, My Garden Beckons

This is one of those rare weeks when I have no new artwork to show you (although I am working on remedying that) and no new art news to share with you (although hopefully next week I'll have something news-y to post). Since I'm completely art-less, I figured I'd get snap happy in the garden … Continue reading Bloomin’ and Buzzin’, My Garden Beckons

bees, beekeeping, top bar hive, bee swarm

I Have Bees….Again!

Hello Everyone! As you'll remember, a couple weeks ago I shared with you the sad tale of the disappearance of my┬ácolony of honeybees from my backyard top bar hive. Like some frightening tale of colony collapse disorder, one day the girls were there, the next they were gone. The colony was a strong one without … Continue reading I Have Bees….Again!

How Are the Bees?

In a word, non-existent. It's winter after all. Duh. I've been debating over how to obtain my bees. The options are to purchase bees, contact a swarm catcher or try to lure my own swarm. I'm a bit concerned about shipping bees up from California just to fill my hive. This doesn't sound like a … Continue reading How Are the Bees?