Reading All Day: Not As Fun As It Sounds

Ugh. Can I just say ugh? I've been having to read all day long for the past three days. What!? Why aren't you giving me sympathetic pats on the back and saying, "There, there, it'll be okay. You'll get through this." ??? Maybe I should explain to those of you out there who would love … Continue reading Reading All Day: Not As Fun As It Sounds

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Finn McSpool Gallops Into a New Role

As I announced on Wednesday, it’s book release time again and that means the Beasties are offering up a little bit of congratulations once again!! Okay, I’d like to believe Tammie and David Beastie are doing this because they’re eager to support my efforts as an indie writer, but I think it’s more about them … Continue reading Finn McSpool Gallops Into a New Role

Finn Says Hello…and Goodbye

Here's the deal. I had plans to finish out the last few days of my Irish Adventure with Finn McSpool (I love that autocorrect now recognizes "McSpool"!) over the next couple weeks and then continue on with my regular Saturday Finn-filled posts. But plans are changing. Don't worry, I've already got some pics loaded so … Continue reading Finn Says Hello…and Goodbye

A Beastie Taste of the Tropics

I had planned to continue on with the next installment of Finn McSpool's Beastie Tales of Ireland, but a couple weeks ago, as I was sifting through my Traffic Donkey photos, I noticed Tammie Beastie was missing. She's easy to overlook since she's kind of quiet and generally keeps to herself, but since we have … Continue reading A Beastie Taste of the Tropics

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Finn McSpool Storms Kilkenny Castle

Now that Finn McSpool gave Bloglandia a rundown of some of his favorite parts of our trip to his homeland, it's time to start delving into a series of trip reports about all the sights he saw in Ireland, the activities he undertook, and the "situations" he is famous for getting into (and out of, … Continue reading Finn McSpool Storms Kilkenny Castle