Exploring the “Finn”door Garden

It seems like it's been ages since Finn McSpool has pestered me for a photo shoot. Perhaps he was feeling chubby after too many trips to the boulangeries in France or maybe he was actually thinking of others and letting me finish up those last pesky edits on my books. Whatever the cause, the strange … Continue reading Exploring the “Finn”door Garden

Happy Halloween from Finn McGhoul

Happy Halloween Bloglandia!! Finn McSpool has made it back from France just in time for Halloween (or as he calls it, "Candy Day"). In honor of the sugar-laden holiday he's taken on the new, spooky moniker of Finn McGhoul....but maybe he's the one who should be scared since it looks like that jack o'lantern has … Continue reading Happy Halloween from Finn McGhoul

Things Get Spooky for Finn McSpool

Halloween is still a few weeks away, but things are definitely getting a bit spooky around my neighborhood. Of course, Finn McSpool thinks himself a fearless explorer so he was eager to tag along with me for a walk one morning. A walk that soon had him fleeing for the safety of his usual spot … Continue reading Things Get Spooky for Finn McSpool

Fall is Here – Wake Me When It’s Over

It's official.  It's here.  The leaves are changing, the kiddies are trudging off to school, mornings are crisp and I'm miserable.   I hate fall. When people tell me fall is their favorite season, I look at them wondering what sort of crazy meds they should be on.  As I slowly back away from them I … Continue reading Fall is Here – Wake Me When It’s Over