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Getting Scrappy With My Art

Hello Everyone!

A few weeks ago I attended an Art Trade Show hosted by the Clackamas County Arts Alliance. Even though none of the displays grabbed my eye, I couldn’t escape the siren’s call to wander through their little shop of art supplies. I managed to resist many tempting treats, but somehow a pack of mulberry paper scraps kept calling to the few dollars I had in my pocket.

mulberry paper

A handy pack of temptation and inspiration!

I’ve never worked with mulberry paper before and, to tell the truth, had no idea what I would do with it other than to open it up and organize all the little scraps by color (yes, my spice rack is alphabetized and my bookshelves are sorted by subject and author). As I was sorting, little blips of inspiration were lighting up in my head.

First Try: Blooming Branches

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Happy Birthday to Me…Now What?!

That’s right, I’ve made it all the way around the sun yet again (and yes, Bono and I do share the same birthday, which for some reason is a bit of trivia I love to brag about)!

As if being another year older isn’t depressing enough, my vacation is over and I’ve returned with no motivation for getting back to work. But I’ll get to work things in a bit because one good thing about birthdays is a pile of presents. And in sticking with the garden theme of my past few birthdays (Portland’s Japanese Garden, London’s Kew Gardens), a good portion of my gifts turned out to be garden-oriented.

Did You Say Shopping?

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A Couple of Pieces That Are the Bees’ Knees

Since spring refuses to get sprung here in Portland, I’ve had to resort to creating my own springtime with my two latest bits of artwork that are chock full of big blooms and buzzing bees. If I could only get them to have the scent of freshly mown grass, I could almost fool myself that spring really has decided to show herself.

Painting #1: Sunny Bee

Who’s that hanging out on that big red sunflower? Why it’s Sunny Bee! Sunny Bee was based on a reference photo** that I’ve had in my to-paint stash for a long, long time. So long that unfortunately, I no longer have the photographer’s name to give him or her credit. Continue reading

Racking Up a New Piece of Work

Portland right now is living up to the old song lyric, “the weather outside is frightful” as a steady batch of snow hits us. This not only means all the little birds are flocking to my feeders (except the hummingbird feeder which is currently inside thawing out), but also means I need to type quickly before we lose power.

So, without wasting any further online time, let’s get started with a quick announcement…

Updated Gallery Pages!!!

One of this month’s Big Chores was to give my website a little tidy up. Not only have I cleaned up some dead links and refreshed a few book summaries, but I have also (finally) updated my gallery pages. YAY!!!! Continue reading

New Artwork Goes a Bit Swirly

Yes, I’m featuring new artwork three Fridays in a row! Don’t worry, I haven’t set up a sweat shop in which I force second grade kiddies to toil with colored pencils for fifteen hours a day filling in the details of my work. I simply had a couple pieces that took a lonnnnng time and then tumbled into completion one after the other.

As my loyal readers know, most of my work tends toward the realistic side of things – flowers, critters, and that sort of stuff. But I’ve recently wanted to break away a bit and have some fun exploring different styles (such as my recent pea packet), different material (like old William of Orange on DuraLar film), or a different medium (let’s not talk about my watercolor skills, okay?).

One of my recent explorations took me into the world of abstract. Of course, I know nothing about creating abstract art so I decided to go a bit realistic with my abstraction by using photos from my visit last year to the Chihuly Glass Gardens in Seattle.

You’ve met one of these realistic abstract pieces already, but this week I finally finished another Chihuly-inspired work. And let me say I had loads of fun working on this one.

From Photo to Abstract-y Art Thing

Let’s start with the original photo. I was in love with those Beetlejuice-esque green and black pieces of glass…. Continue reading