Finn McSpool Minds His Beeswax

Those of you who have been with me a while know I share my backyard with a hive full of bees. The girls are all tucked in for the winter, but after realizing I could no longer close the freezer door due to all the honeycomb I'd been stashing away over the season, I decided … Continue reading Finn McSpool Minds His Beeswax

A Little Beekeeping Rant

This week, I just couldn't take it anymore. I left yet another Facebook beekeeping group because I could no longer take people's complete idiocy (my Idiocracy tolerance is quite low). I tried to tolerate it mainly because i enjoy seeing pictures of people's hives and bees, but the stupidity just got too high....especially the questions … Continue reading A Little Beekeeping Rant

To Bee or Not To Bee

LOVING & HATING BEES The week started out with a quick hive inspection since we finally got some decent weather. I'd been so proud of my little bees and thought they must be the smartest bees ever. I'd read all these horror stories about bees making helter-skelter comb in all sorts of wrong directions leading … Continue reading To Bee or Not To Bee

No, I’m Not Dead.

I know all of you were rushing out to buy my books because you thought I was dead and were thinking something along the lines of "Oooh, these will be worth something now!" Sorry to tell you, I'm alive (but thanks for shopping, better luck next time). I've been on vacation to Kauai, Hawaii. Vacation … Continue reading No, I’m Not Dead.

How Are the Bees?

In a word, non-existent. It's winter after all. Duh. I've been debating over how to obtain my bees. The options are to purchase bees, contact a swarm catcher or try to lure my own swarm. I'm a bit concerned about shipping bees up from California just to fill my hive. This doesn't sound like a … Continue reading How Are the Bees?