The Torturous Writing Task: Book Descriptions

(If you don't have time to read this whole post and only want to check out the book blurbs, feel free to scroll down to the end where you'll find both descriptions.) Remember how last week I was basking in the happy sunshine of having (kind of sort of) finished my next two novels? Remember … Continue reading The Torturous Writing Task: Book Descriptions

Reading All Day: Not As Fun As It Sounds

Ugh. Can I just say ugh? I've been having to read all day long for the past three days. What!? Why aren't you giving me sympathetic pats on the back and saying, "There, there, it'll be okay. You'll get through this." ??? Maybe I should explain to those of you out there who would love … Continue reading Reading All Day: Not As Fun As It Sounds

Writing the Day Away

Yes!!! I have survived the dreaded head cold and am now so excitedly ripping through my current project, that simply can't bear to take a break. So, I'm going to call this Wednesday a blogging "cheat" day and recycle one of the articles from my most recent newsletter (which you can sign up for HERE … Continue reading Writing the Day Away

The Eyes Don’t Have It

There are a couple things I don’t often share with people: One, my vision is awful and, two, my income from my creative work is less than what some panhandlers make. Wait, no, there’s three things: I also hate my glasses. How awful is my vision? From an early age, eye doctors have looked at … Continue reading The Eyes Don’t Have It

The Funny Side of Writing Fight Scenes

If you’ve read any of the books in my Osteria Chronicles series or some of the parts of Domna, you may have noticed several pages are filled with action-packed fighting. Whether it’s Hercules cousin, Iolalus, battling a hydra or Theseus going toe to toe with the minotaur, my fight scenes have (hopefully) provided you as … Continue reading The Funny Side of Writing Fight Scenes