Blogging Excuses & Book Bargains

Hello Bloglandia!! Just a quick message to let you know about a terrific deal on my latest release and to offer up some excuses for my recent lack of bloginess (yes, that's a word now). First Up: The Excuses Loyal readers may have noticed lack of pizazz on the blog recently...and a lack of Finn … Continue reading Blogging Excuses & Book Bargains

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It’s Book Birthday Time, Complete with Cake!!

It’s Release Day for Domna Part Two: The Solon’s Son!! First off, let me thank everyone who pre-ordered a copy of Part Two — you gave me my largest pre-order numbers ever!! And look, Finn McSpool and the other Beasties are celebrating the book's release in sugary style. Starting Part Two Off with a BANG!! Part … Continue reading It’s Book Birthday Time, Complete with Cake!!

The End Is Only the Beginning

We've finally made it to the final chapter of Domna, Part One: The Sun God's Daughter!!!! Even though we've reached The End, it's really only the beginning for the rest of this intrigue-filled serialized novel as you'll see right after I cover a couple business-y/promote-y tidbits. First, if you missed the festivities last week, you can … Continue reading The End Is Only the Beginning

Trouble’s Brewing in Chapter Three of Domna

Oooh, it's time for another installment of Part One of Domna, my upcoming serialized historical fantasy novel (phew, that's a mouthful). After Sofia received a strange prophecy from the oracle on her birthday in Chapter ONE then made light of the prophecy with her lover in Chapter TWO, Sofia's sharp tongue gets her in trouble … Continue reading Trouble’s Brewing in Chapter Three of Domna