Works in Very Slow Progress

No, don't check your calendar; it is indeed Saturday. Seems yesterday managed to slip by without me tossing out a F(ine) Art Friday post to the world. And yet the globe continues to spin...amazing. Snarky comments aside, there's not too much to report in my art world at the moment. I'm at the beginning and midpoint of … Continue reading Works in Very Slow Progress

Spending Time at My Abstract Zoo

Remember when you were a kid and art was all about having fun and simply making your mark on the page? Well, lately I've been feeling a bit "confined" by my art. Not that I don't love creating realistic images with my piles of colored pencils, but as you might guess, these drawings are laborious … Continue reading Spending Time at My Abstract Zoo

New Artwork Goes a Bit Swirly

Yes, I'm featuring new artwork three Fridays in a row! Don't worry, I haven't set up a sweat shop in which I force second grade kiddies to toil with colored pencils for fifteen hours a day filling in the details of my work. I simply had a couple pieces that took a lonnnnng time and then … Continue reading New Artwork Goes a Bit Swirly